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BY: Rev. Francis J. Hoffman “Fr. Rocky” is Ex. Dir. of Relevant Radio, author, speaker, and host of “Go Ask Your Father.”

Lesson 1: Preparation for Mass

Lesson 2: Try  to sit up front

Lesson 3: Entrance Chant

Lesson 4: Stand

Lesson 5: Genuflect

Lesson 6: Kissing the Altar

Lesson 7: Greeting

Lesson 8: Penitential Rite

Lesson 9: Penitential Rite (II) — First mention of Mary at Mass

Lesson 10: “Rubrics” and Why we strike our breast

Lesson 11: Kyrie

Lesson 12: Gloria

Lesson 13: The Collect

Lesson 14: The Liturgy of the Word – 1st Reading

Lesson 15: Responsorial Psalm

Lesson 16: Alleluia

Lesson 17: Gospel

Lesson 18: Homily

Lesson 19: The Profession of Faith  

Lesson 20: Prayers of the Faithful  

Lesson 21: The Liturgy of the Eucharist (Offertory)

Lesson 22: The ‘secret’ prayers (Offertory)

Lesson 23: The ‘Orate Fratres’

Lesson 24: Prayer over the Gifts

Lesson 25: Preface

Lesson 26: The Eucharistic Prayer (1)

Lesson 27: The Eucharistic Prayer (2) ‘Memento’

Lesson 28: The Eucharistic Prayer (3) – the Consecration

Lesson 29: The Eucharistic Prayer (4) – Bells

Lesson 30: The Eucharistic Prayer (5) – Memento of the Dead

Lesson 31: The Eucharistic Prayer (6) – Eucharistic Doxology

Lesson 32: The Eucharistic Prayer (7) – Amen.

Lesson 33: The Lord’s Prayer

Lesson 34: The Sign of Peace

Lesson 35: The ‘Agnus Dei’

Lesson 36: The ‘secret’ prayers of the priest before Communion

Lesson 37: Behold the Lamb of God

Lesson 38: Communion

Lesson 39: Thanksgiving After Communion

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