40 Lenten Lessons on the Mass.

Lesson 13: The Collect

“When this hymn is concluded (the Gloria), the Priest, with hands joined says: ‘Let us pray.’ And all pray in silence with the Priest for a while.”

So state the ‘rubrics’ in the Roman Missal.

The “Collect” is also called the ‘Opening Prayer’ and it is the moment for all the faithful gathered at Mass to ‘collect’ their thoughts and intentions for the Mass that has just begun. Accordingly we ‘pray in silence.’ That is the moment to silently tell God in our heart what we are praying for at Mass: family, friends, relatives, a child who is seriously ill, a new job, for vocations, the Pope, and upcoming Synod on the family . . .whatever. Since there is an infinite amount of grace available at each Mass, we can pray for as many persons or intentions that we wish.

“Then the Priest, with hands extended, says the Collect prayer, at the end of which the people acclaim Amen.”

Pay attention to the Collect prayer: it is usually centered on the theme of the Mass, whether it be a saint or a season or a solemnity of the Lord.


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