40 Lenten Lessons on the Mass.

Lesson 8: Penitential Rite

No sooner does the Mass begin, then we are invited to ‘call to mind our sins.’ Why? Because Jesus came to save sinners, and until we recognize our sinfulness, our weakness, what need do we have of Jesus?

This acknowledging of our sins is not meant to depress us or to give us a guilt trip, but rather it is a ‘reality check’ and allows us to mentally place ourselves where we need to be: in need of Jesus Christ.

We are invited to ‘ acknowledge our sins’ in order to prepare for “these sacred mysteries.”

“Sacred Mysteries.” That is quite a statement! Just think about it. When we we prepare for a formal dinner, we wash our hands and our face. When we prepare for Mass, we acknowledge our sinfulness and ask God for his pardon and mercy.

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