(based on DPA-I Decrees of the Diocese of Marbel)


4.3.1 Religious Congregations assigned to the various apostolates in the Diocese, whether in contemplation, education, health or social work, must live  their charism in the contrext of the local Church. They must work in consonance with the over-all thrust of the Diocese, following and observing its statutes, policies and traditions as laid down by the Bishop of the Diocese.

4.3.2 Every Religious, especially those who are new to the Diocese, must study the Vision-Mission-Thrust of the Diocese. They must also be familiar with the various ministries and programs of the Diocese and of the Parish where they are assigned.

4.3.3 Religious must work with the clergy and laity in promoting the building of BECs in parishes where they work. Likewise, they should actively participate in diocesan/parish activities where such participation is needed.

4.3.4 Genuine participation in decision-making should be promoted in all apostolates undertaken by religious in the Diocese.

4.3.5 Apostolates and outreach programs of the different religious communities in the Diocese should be properly coordinated with the pastoral programs of the parishes where they work.

4.3.6 On matters of vocation recruitment, the Religious should always coordinate with the local Ordinary and obtain his permission.

4.3.7 Better and closer relationship and coordination should be built among the Clergy and the Religious in the Diocese. For unity, understanding and camaraderie, every Religious is encouraged to attend the Annual Clergy-Religious Day in November and other diocesan/parish activities where their presence is needed.

4.3.8 Whenever possible, lectures, seminars, workshops and other activities for the on-going formation of priests and laity should likewise be open to the Religious.

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