This area of the website provides links to other sites with information about Catholic Social Teaching as well as networks who work in social justice areas. It  includes the livesimply network made up of 66 agencies, religious orders and dioceses. Organisations are listed on the links page where you can click to enter each of their websites.

Related Networks & Sites:

1. The Office for Social Justice, St Paul and Minneapolis

This resource from the Office for Social Justice provides visitors with a variety of resources on Catholic social teaching. As well as toolkits for teachers and catechists, visitors can draw on quotes and summaries about some of the most important aspects of CST.  The Office for Social Justice provides an exciting taste of CST from an American school of thought; an interesting companion to this website.

2. US Bishops Conference

The US Bishops conference represents the hierarchy of the Church in the US and their website has a wide range of teachings on Catholic Social Teaching. These range from thinking on Nuclear weapons to Lenten reflections. This collection of documents and analysis provides a good base for getting to grips with CST. This website also contains a number of resources and articles in Spanish.

3. NJPN – National Justice and Peace Network

The Justice and Peace Network campaign for a fairer and more equitable world through collaboration, lobbying and prayer. Through their work they act out Catholic Social Teaching and this page provides a short summary of CST and its related documents.

4. List of livesimply network members

The livesimply network is made up of over 60 charities, dioceses and religious orders.

The network of organisations from across the UK and Ireland includes members with interests in a wide range of justice issues – housing, racism, old age, peace, refugees, the environment, etc


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