These prayers asks for God to teach us to speak out for those who are victims of injustice, to resolve the conflict and hurt of others, praying for a world of peace, free from conflict and injustice.

Prayer for Peace and Forgiveness

We confess that in our lives we do not
Always choose the way of peace.
We spread gossip which fans the flame of hatred.
We are ready to make any sacrifices when Caesar demands –
but few when God invites.
We worship the false god of security and nationalism
We hold out our hand in friendship –
But keep a weapon in the other behind our back
We have divided your body of people
Into those we trust and those we do not.
Huge problems challenge us in the world –
But our greed, fear and selfishness prevent
us from uniting to solve them
Lord, we pray for your help,
Your forgiveness and your
Reconciling power in our lives.

Teach me

Teach me
To share the gifts you have given me
To speak out for the victims of injustice
who have no voice
To reject the violence which runs
through much of our world today.

Holy Spirit of God

Holy Spirit of God

Renew my hope for a world free from the cruelty and evil of war so that we may all come to share
in God’s peace and justice.



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