Broadcaster and writer Mary Colwell sets Catholic Social Teaching in the context of a responsibility for all creation

The aim of Catholic Social Teaching is to bring about justice.  Its original emphasis was mainly on social and political justice, for the poor, oppressed and working people.  Today we recognise that justice has to be extended to all of creation, human and non-human.  It is imperative we understand our place on earth in the light of new understandings about our inter-dependence on all other life.

Human beings cannot flourish in an impoverished and depleted world.  The natural world provides us with food, medicines, industrial resources and clothing.  But it also allows us to be more fully human in every other aspect of life.

It inspires our minds to creativity – poetry, music and art  – through beauty and awe, it drives our curiosity through the mysteries of life still waiting to be solved and it reveals to us the face of the Creator, instilling in us a humbleness when faced with a God that can create such an astonishing universe.


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